English As A Foreign Language

Union Jack Tea Cup Tutees choosing to learn English as a Foreign Language often have the following specific goals:

Our EFL tutors are experienced in working with adults and young people to develop your ability in English through to an advanced level. Our EFL tutors have experience in classroom, private and public sector environments. Our tutors are flexible and can come to your home/office to meet you during the day or in the evening. Visit the Tutor Profiles section to meet some of our tutors.


Once you've contacted us, we will talk to you to find out what your needs are before the first session, so that lesson one is not wasted. During the first session you will have the chance to see how you get on with your tutor and talk through a lesson plan with them and of course, work through some exercises. After this session, we'll call you to see how it went and make sure you are happy before you continue with your tutor. The recommended frequency and duration of lessons will depend very much on what the lessons are aiming to achieve. Please contact us with your circumstances and requirements and we can arrange a programme to suit your specific learning needs.


Tuition does not stop when the tutor leaves your home, you can log into our e-learning facility to gain access to useful web resources and guidance on homework, exams and revision.


The unit price per hour for tuition varies dependent on your needs, but is industry competitive. We can provide you with a tailor-made price plan, or offer a flat rate per hour price.