Information Technology

Our tutors can provide I.T. tuition for people of all ages, with a variety of needs, from beginner level right through to extremely specific requests.

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Our tutors have quality experience in working with students of varied ages and with very different demands. Whether you need to refresh something quickly or want some patient guidance, our tutors can help you.


Tuition takes place in your own home on your PC. This means rather than working to the pace and demands of an evening class our tutors will answer your questions, focus on topics of your choice and work one-to-one at a speed you are comfortable with. The recommended frequency and duration of lessons will depend very much on what the lessons are aiming to achieve.


Tuition does not stop when the tutor leaves your home, you can log into our e-learning facility to gain access to useful web resources and links.


The unit price per hour for tuition varies dependent on your needs, but is industry competitive. We can provide you with a tailor-made price plan, or offer a flat rate per hour price.